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Welcome to the best Gelateria in the St. Mark’s area of Venice. Here, ice cream becomes an art form, and hospitality is guaranteed.
Gelato Fantasy is more than a simple business: It is a destination that embodies family tradition, homemade artistry, and a passion for extraordinary flavors. The history of Gelato Fantasy is made by generations of passionate ice cream makers. This bond is reflected in the meticulous care we dedicate to each of our delicious creations. The driving force of our business is our strong family connection.
Our workshop is the magical place where Lucio, Claudia, Simone, Melissa, and the members of our team work with great passion and skill.

Lucio, with his many years of experience, carries on the tradition with care and dedication. Claudia, an expert in flavors and aromas, experiments with unique combinations that can satisfy even the most refined palates. Simone, the creative member of the group, introduces new flavors inspired by current trends. Melissa, with her contagious smile, welcomes every customer with warmth and friendliness. We are more than just a team: We are a family that works together to offer you an extraordinary experience every time you come to visit. We work to create ice cream that is not just delicious but that tells a story of family love and commitment. We will welcome you with the warmth of home, inviting you to taste the best homemade Venetian gelato. We are waiting for you in our slice of heaven!

Our Team


Owner, Master Ice Cream Maker
and Store Manager of the San Marco store


Sales manager
of the San Marco store


Sales manager
of the Castello store


Sales manager
of the San Polo store


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